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Tri-Graphics Picture Framing was opened in 1983 by Herb and Brett Silbert.  It began as a Business to Business source for framing and logistics, catering to art galleries, artists and art consultants. 

Throughout the years, the company evolved to taking on commercial work for designers and builders, to providing a design space for designers, and offering retail framing services. 

After nearly four decades in business, our focus remains on working with artists and the design trade, and our service area has expanded to projects across the country. Now operating under the ArtSeen name, our commitment to quality and design remains the same. 


Monday - Friday


10:00 am - 4 pm

10:00 am - 4 pm

Evenings  by appointment

The shop may be closed on some holidays Please call ahead on holidays


​Brett Silbert

Custom Framing & Installation; National & International Contract Services Specialist

Theresa Gilfrich

Custom Framing, Design; Marketing & Communications

Syifa Zaini

Hospitality Design Services Liaison

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